There is a hint of spring in the air! Much needed after the snow a couple of weeks ago when this part of Cornwall came to a stand still within 20 minutes. I won’t bore you with our personal trials and tribulations, but we did have an exciting evening.
Snowdrops are out and daffodils, I even have daffodils in the garden, so lovely to see some colour. Talking of colours, this is where I get the inspiration for the panels, colour and the beautiful landscape. Even the harsh industrial landscapes of the now, disused tin mining areas give a different beauty.

Tin-Mine, Stained-Glass

Tin Mine Stained Glass panel

On to the next panel, haven’t completely made my mind up as to what it will be….I have a few ideas….. we shall see.
We might have some exciting news for March….as soon as we know I will share in a post.
Meanwhile, on to the next panel, it will be good to work on a large panel as I’ve been making a lot of Valentines hearts.
Enjoy the early spring 🌼



Maybug Studio

All our designs are created by Sharon, here in our home studio in Cornwall.

We offer pieces from small suncatchers, all sizes of stained glass panels, including house number transoms (the small window across the front door – these can be encapsulated in double glazed units if required) and internal decorative panels, smaller panels in illuminated boxes – great as night lights or as pieces of art on your wall which you can enjoy when there is no daylight, and garden art.