About us

Maybug Studio is the result of Sharon’s desire to share the beauty of stained glass with a wider audience.

Coming from a crafting background, she took up stained glass a few years ago, encouraged by her husband, Graham. At the time he couldn’t think of a suitable birthday present, so in desperation decided a taster lesson in stained glass would get him off the hook.

Little did he know where that would lead at the time.

From day one she was hooked. The sessions lasted several months, with Sharon becoming very skilled and accomplished designing her own pieces. Sadly pressure of the day job got in the way, and so the sessions stopped.

Sharon wanted to continue and so we then had the problem of where to work. The garage was the obvious choice, but it was cold, damp and dimly lit. Over one winter we put a gazebo up in the garage with a heater and some carpet, but it was unsuitable, so in spring 2017 we built a workshop in the garage.

In January 2018 we decided we should make this a business, and have been working both in the day jobs and in Maybug Studio since then. But it has been tough to do it all, so from September 2018 Sharon has resigned from her job to work full time in Maybug Studio.

Sharon’s passion is, taking a scene or memory and making it into a stained glass panel. This can be free standing (we can supply the stand), in a simple frame, or into our unique internally illuminated hardwood box so you can enjoy your stained glass art whatever the time of day.