How to commission a piece of stained glass with Maybug Studio

Firstly, we need to meet you, either in person, by phone or Skype to find out what you would like. You may have a very definite idea, we can talk about how that can be transferred onto a piece of stained glass.


You may only have a general idea, in which case we can explore your likes and dislikes, and suggest a few ideas.

Once we have an idea on the subject, and the size  you need, from suncatcher to an internal panel or an illuminated box, Sharon will move onto making a design.

In this case it is a house number…

This is drawn onto a plan which represents the full size, and an idea of the colours we will use (clearly this is only representative as a coloured pencil cannot give justice to the colours of stained glass). We can then meet, post a copy to you, or again we can Skype. We can also show you the glass we are intending to use.

Once you have agreed the design and the glass colours, Sharon can get the panel made.

The glass to be used is laid out, and cut to the right size, making use of the scale plan to initially draw on the glass with a marker pen, then using a diamond cutter to cut the glass to the right size, and a smoothing wheel to remove any edge imperfections. Great care is needed to prevent the glass cracking or splintering at this point.

Once the glass is cut its time to fit the lead framework. The lead is generally ‘H’ shaped, the glass fits into the slots in the lead and so it is firmly held in place.

This is time consuming and detailed work, but vital to ensure that the piece looks its best once finished.

When the framework is completed,  all the joints are carefully soldered together.

This is followed by cementing the glass to the lead, filling the space between the lead and where the glass fits into it.

The whole piece is then cleaned and the lead work is blackened, and you finally see the beauty of the piece you commissioned.

It’s now time to arrange delivery, and for you to enjoy your special, unique and very personal piece of stained glass.

And if you enjoy it and have friends who would also like to commission a piece, we would love to hear from them.